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I am thrilled and honored to have been chosen as one of the winners for the second annual Mobile Digital Arts and Creativity Summit in Palo Alto, CA. It is also fantastic seeing so many incredible pieces of art done digitally from around the world. Some pieces were also made with Paper by fiftythreenyc so it is great seeing some of my Paper friends winning as well - a big congratulations to all!

Links to the winners page:

The artwork will be printed on aluminum stock and displayed in Palo Alto, CA on August 1-4, where it will be up for some prizes and hopefully sold as well. Unfortunately I will be leaving the US for Europe on July 31, so if anyone is in the area on August 1st, please drop by. It is supposed to be a great summit, with lots of digital artists and workshops there.


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    Congratulazioni per essere stato scelto!!!!!!! È una bellissima iniziativa!!!!!!!!!!!!
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